The Smart way of Sailing!

  • No Mooring costs
  • No Maintenance or hidden costs
  • Just the Pleasure of Sailing



Basic   7 days €   5.250,-  7 days spread out over the year of which 1 in HS
Silver 14 days €   9.590,- 14 days spread out over the year of which 2 in HS
Gold 21 days € 12.500,- 21 days spread out over the year of which 3 in HS
Gold + 21 days € 15.000,- 21 days spread out over the year of which 7 in HS

*HS = High Season = July – August

Tofinou -Membership

Imagine that you have the advantage of sailing a Tofinou like it was your own, without the  cost of insurance, marina fees and maintenance cost. Only a fixed annual fee to have the full enjoyment of the yacht.

With our Tofinou membership it all becomes possible. You can now choose out of 4 memberships, basic, silver, gold or gold+ and start enjoying the boat.

How it works:

Based on the program you choose, you get an X amount of days you can use the Tofinou. You can spread these days all over the year, you don’t have to use them all at once. For example: You can take the boat one weekend in May, a day in June,… until you run out of days. The memberships are valid for one year starting on the date of signing up.

Every member will get a code to log into the online agenda and will be able to reserve his dates by e-mail. When a reservation is made, the agenda is automatically updated within the hour and you will receive a confirmation e-mail. A reservation has to be made at least 48hours in advance. There is a first come first served policy.

To guarantee our member the usage of all their days, we have limited the amount of members per boat per year.

1 day in a membership starts from 10:00h to 18:00h

What do you need?

  • A valid sailing license
  • More than 600Nautica Miles experience on simular sized yachts

* A test will be made at the beginning of the contract. This test will include sailingability and boathandling.

What is inclusive?

  • Mooring at Marina Cuarentena, Palma de Mallorca (Value € 9.900,-)
  • Insurance cover for the boat (€ 3.500,- Franchise) (Value € 6.500)
  • Maintenance (Value € 12.000,-)
  • Assistance in Mallorca while on the boat (priceless)
  • X amount of days on the Tofinou (depends on the type of membership)



If you like more information please contact us.